Capital Raise Promises

No More Raises?

  • On the Q4 2011 conference call: "Well, I feel confident saying that Tesla does not need to ever raise another financing round." Let's take a look:
    • May 2013 - $1.02 billion
    • February 2014 - $2 billion
    • August 2015 - $738 million
    • May 2016 - $1.46 billion
    • March 2017 - $1.2 billion
    • August 2017 - $1.8 billion
  • On the Q1 2018 conference call, when asked about raising capital: "No, I specifically don't want to." The laywers who put together the 10-Q think otherwise...
    • "We may need or want to raise additional funds and these funds may not be available to us when we need them. If we cannot raise additional funds when we need or want them, our operations and prospects could be negatively affected."


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