Did Azealia Banks' Voodoo Powers put a Hex on Tesla?
Did the rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and Voodoo priestess put a hex on Musk? Some people should know her from the Instagram posts of her being held hostage at the Musk estate some time ago.



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[Image: uploads%252Fcard%252Fimage%252F831997%25...zonaws.com]

She was stuck at the fraudsters house during the time he announced his famous "taking Tesla private. $420 funding secured" tweet.
There were allegations that she saw him take LSD and other drugs. She later accuses Elon and Grimes of trying to have a threeway with her.

[Image: 1zxI1Ra.png]

Over the weekend Azealia posted on a new twitter account (after her previous account was shadowbanned).
She gave more details on why she was invited over. Here are some screenshots:

[Image: bxGIByw.jpg]

[Image: Oe64GhP.jpg]

[Image: nGod54j.jpg]

[Image: K8uyrOZ.jpg]

Thanks to @arbissell on twitter for getting us the screenshots of the latest posts from Azealia.

Whatever she is doing hopefully she can keep it up.

Damn, Son! Don't mess with voodoo ladies. I can't imagine how many chickens are dead in her place right now.

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