Cutting Costs to Pay for his Shenanigans
Here we go, now we know they are broke.

Also trying to get employees to buy the cars using vacation days:

With these, the store closings, and all the other stuff I mentioned in the past. There is no way they have any money to work with.

Now the German government is telling them not to do the "Gas Savings" BS on their site:

Plus we don't know if he'll be fined for the contempt charges:

Elon is under review for his Pot Smoking on the Joe Rogan podcast:

HBO just did a documentary on the Theranos fraud, maybe we'll get a fElon one:

But hey, look its Elon's face on the Rock's body. HE HE
[Image: w0f5v25.png]

There are too many damn ostriches for this guy. They are literally bird-brained to support him after all of this.
[Image: Yk92tmn.jpg]
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