Battery Fires and the Tesla's Used for Firefight Testing Purposes
This article did a great detailed analysis of the Tesla Batteries and the problems it would cause with Firefighters to extinguish them.

"Safety experts say the only way to extinguish a lithium-ion battery inside a car is with thousands of gallons of water, much more than what it takes to stop a fire in a typical gasoline engine." I wonder how much yearly water that would take? How polluted does the water get when exposed to the lithium?

"The company’s online emergency response guide notes: “Battery fires can take up to 24 hours to extinguish. Consider allowing the battery to burn while protecting exposures.”" How much smoke does it generate and how caustic does it get?

This leads me to believe these batteries do not help with clean energy/climate change but makes it worse.

Plus they have to worry about being shocked and have to know what wires to avoid. Almost treating it like a swat team than a firefighting team.
Hopefully they can use robots so no one gets hurt, or Tesla should provide them to all fire departments:
[Image: qGjbO4G.jpg]

What I also found was EXTEREMELY interesting:

"Tesla has donated hundreds of vehicles to the local fire department for use in deconstructive demonstrations of the Jaws of Life and other rescue tools. “We’ve cut up 400 to 500 Teslas over the past five years,” said Wilson.

The Fremont Fire Department now has about 50 Teslas ready for the next of its regular two-day classes attended by emergency personnel from around the country. Visiting crews are taught how to safely cut through and demobilize the electric vehicles. Wilson said he accepted an invitation on behalf of the department to teach a special session in The Hague, Netherlands, for Dutch and German first responders in 2017."

What stations were they taken to? Were the VINs accounted for? Is Telsa using them for Tax write offs, if so, how much? Is this where all the returned Tesla lemons go? Maybe someone at the ground force or research teams can help elaborate on.

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